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Approximately seven months ago, had the pleasure to start BHRT treatments under the supervision of Mr. Chris Backsman of Optimized Health and Wellness. I went to see Chris because I was experiencing low libido and difficulty maintaining an erection, something that’s haunted me since I was around 22 years old.

Upon speaking with him, I discovered other symptoms I had were also indicators of low testosterone. I informed him that I did have my levels checked when I was in my early twenties, but my primary wasn’t equipped to handle HRT treatments. I came back around 500, within normal ranges for a male, but as I have learned there is a large difference between being in the normal ranges and being optimized for your age. This was a differentiation that my primary did not make, and at the time I was just too uninformed to push the subject or know any better.

Chris ordered labs and confirmed my suspicions when my bloodwork showed my testosterone levels at 324, at which point I decided to pursue BHRT. Chris has since been treating me by optimizing my testosterone and thyroid levels. It took about 4 to 6 weeks to start noticing differences and they were mostly small wins at first but looking back and comparing then to now, I can say I’ve experienced the following major positive changes:

– My energy levels have increased drastically.
– I was able to get off my antidepressants and have had no relapse symptoms.
– My sleep (while not perfect) has increased in quality and my insomnia has been curbed by a large margin.
– My sex drive has gone up considerably and my ED symptoms have mostly been erased.

– I’ve recognized a fair decrease in mental fatigue and brain fog.
– It’s been easier to lose weight (not my focus) and gain muscle (main goal). For the past year, I’ve been heavily into powerlifting but once I introduced BHRT into the mix, I’ve seen a huge change in my progression of the sport.

At its peak, my T climbed to the mid 800’s and has leveled off somewhat as I managed an increase in estrogen levels. Unfortunately, this is a possible side effect of BHRT that was disclosed at the start. Thankfully, this can be easily managed with a pill, but I cannot stress the importance of following Chris’ recommendations for treatment and check-ups.

At the end of the day, the BHRT has been a Godsend for my quality of life. I highly encourage anyone with these symptoms or who are simply curious if they are a candidate for BHRT to get checked out. After 7 months of being one of his patients, I can absolutely attest to benefits of BHRT and the level of knowledge and professionalism exuded by Chris. He spends the time with you that you need, is eager to not only help you but educate you on the process. He is extremely passionate about what he does and it shows.


October 2018

I’ve been using the CYTO products for approximately one month for my bilateral lower extremity joint pain and insomnia. Since starting this product I have seen a decrease in my pain and have been able to get more restful sleep. The provider is knowledgeable about his products and takes the time to explain it to me he also listens to my concerns as well. I will certainly continue to use this product.


December 2018

It seems to be hard to find an HRT physician that truly wants to help you. I suffered with depression, and suicidal thoughts most my life. Around 26,27 I started noticing my libido slowly lowering. It started impacting my relationship and making my gf insecure. I around 28,29 I started having lack of motivation to take care of myself. I wasn’t happy, I was stressed and always forcing myself to take care of myself. I discovered optimized health and wellness through somebody on my FB. I was trying to go through titan medical center but I just couldn’t afford it. Thankfully this was in my budget and I didn’t feel hopeless anymore. About 1.5 weeks in I started feeling my energy levels go up and motivation slowly coming back. 2.5 weeks in I’m feeling random moments of happiness. I can honestly say that I’m glad I found this company, its affordable and effective and I truly feel my physician wants to help me and I couldn’t be more grateful. 


September 2019

Just wanted everyone to know how much Chris has helped me. Finally have a medical provider that really listens and cares about your wellbeing. I encourage anyone that doesn’t feel like themselves anymore to make the call and speak with him. It’ll be the best decision you ever make for yourself.


September 2019

As an HRT patient since 2006 I can speak with authority regarding the performance of providers of HRT. I have used providers in Miami, Sarasota, Oldsmar and San Jose, Costa Rica. You are by far the best I have encountered. Speaking as a retired anesthetist, your skill and appropriate administration of local anesthetic makes the insertion of pellets truly pain free. Thank you for taking care of me.


March 2020

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Chris took the time to explain in detail the procedure. Highly recommend their office. 


Dec 2020